Even though we were raised with dogs our entire life we never fully understood  how many dogs were dumped and given up on. It was common in our younger years to visit breeders or pet stores when obtaining a family pet. However, as we grew up we learned how important it was to save a pet and give them another chance at life. Olivia was our first dog together from the Anderson County Shelter in South Carolina.

We adopted Brady from a friend who saved him from being turned in to a shelter.   After experiencing the love from our own adopted babies we decided to branch out and help.  Fostering was something we could support  while learning about the programs and challenges the Rescue Groups face.

Through the years we realized the need  for various groups to work together to accomplish the common goal of saving dogs and reducing the overpopulation. It might suffice to say that we hope someday there will be no need  for all the Rescue Groups but until then we hope to provide a single place for  researching the adoptable pets and resources to help take care of them.